What we do

Project and quality management

BKP has substantial experience in the management of international research and consulting assignments involving the use of various methodologies. This comprises the management of long-term technical assistance contracts, involving the mobilisation of long- and short-term consultants and the establishment of a permanent presence in the country of operation, and, in particular the management of complex short-term assignments and studies, covering wide geographical areas and involving the deployment of large, multinational teams of consultants. Our quality management system has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2013 and was upgraded to the latest version of the norm, ISO 9001:2015, in 2017.

Quality policy

A quality management system can be defined as an organization’s internal framework for monitoring and constantly improving the quality of its products. In traditional non-service sectors such as manufacturing, the quality of physical products can be objectively checked against existing technical specifications, as defined in norms or standards (regardless of whether these norms are developed by its customers or external bodies). In the consulting sector however, as in most service sectors, customer satisfaction is the only reliable measure of quality. Recognising this fact, BKP defines its quality policy as follows:

“We execute economic development projects with the goal to fulfil our customers' expectations and we aim at providing quality services that meet or even go beyond their expectations”.

In line with our quality policy our staff and experts are highly qualified for the tasks they need to fulfil. We are a continuously looking to improve the quality of all our services; we strive to learn from our experience and to always be open to new methods and approaches to deliver our services in the most suitable and timely manner.

In order to achieve our quality policy, we regularly measure our customer satisfaction throughout the project cycle. We constantly wish to improve our services, and the best way to do this is by learning from our successes and mistakes.

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