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Code of ethics

In 1999, FIDIC established a working group to develop a “Business Integrity Management System” for use by advisers. The result of these efforts are the “Guidelines for Business Integrity Management in the Consulting Industry,” published in autumn 2001.

FIDIC’s Guidelines are complemented, in relation to human rights, labour, and the environment, by wider principles of the UN Global Compact.

BKP has adopted FIDIC’s model Code of Conduct, as complemented by relevant provisions of the UN Global Compact in the area of social and environmental responsibility:

Social and Environmental Responsibility

BKP accepts continuing responsibility for its consulting services before its clients and society.

  • BKP will permanently contribute to the benefit of its clients and society, through sustained personnel training and technology development aimed at improving productivity.
  • BKP supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and will make sure that it is not complicit in human rights abuses.
  • BKP respects core labour standards as stated in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998).
  • BKP supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, participates in initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and encourages the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • BKP will include sustainability as a permanent goal in every project.

Quality of Service

  • BKP shall only undertake project assignments in its areas of expertise, where it has the capabilities to deliver efficient and effective service to its clients.
  • BKP is committed to providing high quality services to clients. The firm will focus on Quality Management as a working methodology, and on permanent improvement as a means to improve the quality of service.
  • BKP is committed to the continuing improvement of its knowledge base, abilities and tools in its area of expertise, and shall extend to its clients the benefits of its professional achievements.

Objectivity of the Firm

  • BKP will act with loyalty to its clients, and will maintain the confidentiality of any information from the client that is obtained in the process of performing services. The firm will also keep confidential the documents and reports prepared for the client.
  • BKP will avoid any conflict of interest, and will inform a client beforehand of any potential conflict of interest that could emerge during the execution of consulting services.
  • BKP will only offer its services under contracting terms that do not interfere with its independence, integrity and objectivity.
  • BKP will not accept any remuneration that could encourage the firm to offer a biased opinion.

Corporate Integrity

  • BKP will only solicit consulting work and participate in private or public competitive bidding under the highest standards of corporate ethics and competitive practices, and with total integrity in its transactions.
  • BKP will act at all times for the benefit of clients, and will carry out services with professional integrity, while not jeopardizing the interests of society.
  • The promotional activity of BKP and its services will uphold the dignity and reputation of the industry. Brochures and other formal documents describing resources, experience, work and reputation, will affect BKP's actual circumstances in a truthful manner.
  • BKP shall manage with integrity its internal and external clients.
  • BKP will focus on Business Integrity Management as a working methodology, consistent with the dignity of the knowledge-based consulting industry.


  • BKP favours Quality Based Selection for the contracting of its services. If solicited to review the work performed by another consultant, BKP will act in accordance with its business integrity and objectivity policies.
  • BKP will not endorse compensation or contribution arrangements destined to influence or secure consulting work, nor seek commissions from suppliers of equipment and services recommended to the client as part of BKP’s consulting services.
  • BKP shall not take part in activities that could damage the reputation or the business of others.

We also require the adherence to this Code of Conduct of our partners (sub-consultants, joint-venture partners, agents and other contract partners) in connection with collaboration projects.