What we do


BKP specialises in a limited field of services where we believe to have a distinct know-how:

  • International trade and regional integration (incl. WTO accession and negotiations, trade remedies, trade in services, trade facilitation and quality infrastructure, etc.);
  • Investment promotion (incl. investment climate assessments, competitiveness studies, etc.);
  • Private sector development (incl. competition policy, public-private partnership, support to the informal sector, micro and SME finance, etc.).

In each of these fields, we provide assistance at the micro, meso and macro levels (with a focus on the latter two), as indicated in the table below. A particular focus is on the preparation of studies as well as monitoring and evaluation. At the meta/horizontal level, our services cover development finance, aid effectiveness, and the procurement of aid, notably through the management of framework contracts.

Areas of BKP's work

In addition, we undertake independent research and lecture at various universities and training institutions. Indeed, our approach is different from that of many other development consulting firms in that we attach great importance to a thorough theoretical foundation of our work. In practice, this means that, in addition to our own research oriented staff, we have established close links with universities and research institutes and typically include researchers of these institutes in our teams.