Sustainability impact assessment of Angola's accession to the EU-SADC EPA

The sustainability impact assessment (SIA) of Angola's potential accession to the EU-SADC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), as well as of a Sustainable Investment Facilitation Agreement (SIFA) being negotiated between Angola and the EU, analyses the potential economic, social, human rights and environmental impacts of the two agreements, as well as the institutional and administrative capacity of Angola to implement them.

The study shows that the overall impact of Angola’s accession to the EPA would be limited but positive in the short term, but substantially larger and positive in the longer term. The longer-term impact of the SIFA is potentially even stronger (and also positive). The SIFA and accession to the EPA are clearly complementary.

However, for Angola to fully benefit from the agreements, assistance by the EU (and/or EU Member States) will be required, as well as a commitment by the Angolan Government to put in place the necessary measures that will enable businesses to enhance their competitiveness and produce not only for the EU export market but also for the domestic and regional markets, and do so in a sustainable and inclusive manner.