Evaluation of the AfDB Non-Concessional Debt Accumulation Policy

In 2008, the African Development Bank Group approved a Non-Concessional Debt Accumulation Policy (NCDAP) aimed at mitigating the impact of rapid accumulation of such debt on African countries and guiding the use of the Bank's concessional resources.

The evaluation covered the implementation of the NCDAP from 2008 to June 2020 and aimed to:

(i) provide evidence-based information on the relevance, coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of the NCDAP for the purpose of accountability; and (ii) report on the results of the NCDAP and identify lessons of its implementation to inform the development of a follow-up policy (the new policy) by the Bank.

Download the evaluation summary report.

More information on the evaluation (including further reports) is available from the AfDB website.