Gender, Social Inclusion and Trade

The nexus between Trade and Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) has attracted increasing attention in recent years and has led to important international political consensus, including the WTO’s 2017 Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade. However, the trade and GESI agenda still faces significant challenges as it has not yet been translated into many practical actions, with uncertainty often remaining on how to approach the objective of fostering trade that is both socially inclusive and helps reduce gender inequalities.

BKP implemented a two-year project with the objective to contribute to gender equality through inclusive trade policy by strengthening capacities of developing countries to meaningfully include gender equality and social inclusion in their trade policy strategy. Capacity building of both the trade and gender constituency, sharing of best practices and filling knowledge gaps are key in this respect.

For further information refer to the Gender, Social Inclusion and Trade Knowledge Product Series and other resources.